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Systema: Principles of the Russian System


If someone had told me a few years ago that out of a western Christian tradition would come a martial art as deep, sophisticated and evolved as the best of the oriental arts I would not have believed them. Yet there is such an art coming out of the ancient Russian culture with deep roots in the Russian Orthodox monasteries.

At its root in the present day is an exceptional man, Mikhail Ryabko. Trained by one of Stalin’s Falcons from the age of five and beginning his operational career in the Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces) at the age of 15, Mikhail Ryabko was not only given the secrets of this ancient art, he was put in the position of repeatedly applying both the art and its principles in life and death combat on, what for much of his early life, was a day-to-day basis. This System, taught by Mikhail Ryabko, is not a shadow of what once was, it is a living practical art that even now is being applied by warriors in combat.

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How to Punch ( Dynamics of Ballistic Striking )

the-original-ballistic-strikes-4Typically, when you are taught to punch, how to punch, you are taught to punch ‘through’ the target and to some extent this is true, as you don’t want to stop the energy before you hit the destination.

However, when you understand the principles of striking, you can learn to literally ‘dump’ the energy into the target at your will and to cause any number of effects, this is the correct way how to punch!

A Ballistic Strike should stop your opponent in his tracks – the energy should not propel him or her forward, but drop them on the spot. They should literally fall in a heap as the energy stays in the body and is not projected through as in most Martial Arts systems.

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The Principles of Movement


The Principles of MovementThe issue of relaxation is often misunderstood within Systema classes. 

It is not a case that the students should be floppy though I have known this to be a stage that some travel through in their search for relaxed movement. 

Relaxation is achieved when only the muscles needed to support the body’s structure or perform a movement are used. 

Unnecessary tension in the antagonistic muscles is at a minimum so that the muscles that tense to create the body’s movements do so against minimum resistance and therefore with the least energy expenditure possible.

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Russian Martial Arts expert Val Riazanov shows us some striking techniques!

striking techniquesIn this clip I am talking about a punch I believe is super effective.

This is sort of a sneaky underneath punch. People don’t typically see below the chest area.

When you are standing in front of someone, say like in a possible bar altercation. And that person is getting in your face and mouthing off. Instead of winding up, which is basically telling that person you are fixing to throw a punch, you can hit em where is hurts, under the radar. They will be filling extreme uncomforted before they know what hit em.

This is a great striking techniques for landing on the solar plexus and floating rib area. I have used this before many of times and it does work!

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MMA Legend Fedor Emelianenko's throws some mean Ballistic Strikes !!!

This is an article posted by Jason “The Dragon” Ryuichi I wanted to share with you guys!

Singaporean MMA Fighter Training In China

MMA Legend Fedor EmelianenkoMMA Legend Fedor Emelianenko[/caption]Training hard to prove the worth of Wing Chun and Hung Gar based fighting in the MMA. If Mohd Radeem is the first pro Singaporean MMA fighter, I am the first pro Singaporean MMA fighter to represent Singapore in bringing my art overseas.

Incorporating Val Riazanov’s Ballistic Striking Method…

I chanced upon Val Riazanov’s Ballistic Strike (Systema) videos on youtube and it really shocked me. Can punches so relaxed and slow have so much power? Instead of brushing it off as bullshit like most people would, I asked myself, What if its true? The kind of power would have tremendous use in my fighting method. Imagine all my punches turning ballistic!
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Knife Defense Training, The Dangers of Knives with Val Riazanov Part 3

knife defenseNot to put too fine of a point on it, but fighting is stupid. And the very idea of “knife fighting” goes beyond stupid and lands in macho, moronic fantasy. And don’t even get me started on what I think about successfully “fighting” empty handed against a knifer. It is simple common sense that a knife is dangerous. Yet, every year thousands upon thousand of people go to seminars and schools and are taught both knife “fighting” and how to fight barehanded against a knife! And they *believe* this BS!

Our definition of “fighting” may not be the same as yours. We define it as: Standing there and attempting to contest on equal or near equal terms over a drawn out period of time. Now whether this means the advantage is yours or his depends on the situation, however, what is important is that the advantage is not overwhelming. This lack of significant advantage is what causes the contest to be drawn out over time.

If the advantage is overwhelming it isn’t going to be a fight, it is going to be a slaughter.

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Knife Defense Training, The Dangers of Knives with Val Riazanov Part 1

This video series will walk you through the basics of Knife Defense.

The knife is one of the most deadliest weapons, its quite and anyone can obtain one.

I will walk you through the techniques and understanding of a knife attack and explain how to walk away with your life!

The Russian Spetsnaz are some of the best if not THE best in hand to hand combat, and that includes weapons training.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series.

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How to properly absorb a punch!

Here I show you how to properly absorb a punch using your body weight and balance. Keep in mind that you will still get hit, and that contact will be made. However the amount of contact will be limited.