#1 Functional Strength Part 1

I am all about functional strength and for me that means the strength that you can use and not just about a set of impressive looking muscles.

Let’s start with a simple exercise that everyone knows and that is the push up. The push up has a lot of applications in my Ballistic Combat System, but just because I use the term ‘Ballistic’ it doesn’t mean that your push-ups have to be performed in that way.

In fact, one of the best ways to start is to perform very slow deliberate push ups so that you can get used to the motion and also strengthen the tendons, joints and bones in the process.

If you can perform the motion using the knuckles, then you are killing two birds with one stone as you are strengthening as I described but also practicing the strike at the same time. Think of your fists as striking the ground and you will get to feel the weight of your body directly into the ground through your fists.

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Start in the raised push up position and go down to the bottom (not touching the ground) to a count of ten and then return to the top for the same count. Now don’t hold your breath, just breathe naturally but match your breath to the intensity of the strain of the exercise. By this, I mean that as the going get’s tougher, breathe faster and here I mean to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, but faster and more sharply as the exercise becomes more intense.

You can work up to going up and down to a count of twenty, but make sure you match the breath to the exercise. When you have strengthened your joints sufficiently, you can then add repetitions, but make sure the form is correct – no rounding of the back or sinking of the hips.

For those who cannot use their fists, then stay on your palms or use one palm and one fist and then alternate. If you are more advanced, then use the back of the wrists and you can come up with many variations. Also, if you cannot support your bodyweight, then work from your knees. The most important thing is to work up gradually and slowly – don’t cause injury that will retard your progress and in some cases be with you for life.

Now to the Ballistic element – remember, you must be conditioned to do this and start with just five repetitions and work up slowly. Control the descent of the push up and then re-bound up to the top as fast as you can. After five reps, reverse it – drop down fast and control the ascent.

When you have done the above, then work as fast as you can on both the ascent and descent and you can add a clap at the top for good measure. This works the muscles explosively and trains your body’s fast twitch fibers BUT REMEMBER TO WORK UP GRADUALLY AND SLOWLY OVER WEEKS AND MONTHS IF NECESSARY.

If you are injured, then you are compromised when it comes to defending yourself, so please be careful.

Finally, try this – stand in front of a wall and place your fists/hands/wrists on the wall and work on the same motion standing upright. It will be less stressful on the body, but it will put the strike into perspective. Keep your shoulders down and by that I mean don’t raise them out of their sockets and work on both hands, one hand and then cross one leg behind the other and repeat. Then cross the other leg and do the same.


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