Dealing With Aggression in Fighting

Dealing With Aggression in Fighting

Firstly in this clip you will see the all too typical start of a confrontation which is the famous ‘pushing contest’!

Now if you engage in this you are not gaining an advantage as each and every confrontation is a 50/50 gamble.


Because of the simple and unpredictable ‘cheap’ shot. It is that shot that will finish anyone as a chin is just a chin. It does not discriminate!

Look at how I diffuse the situation firstly and then how I deal with the attacker. Now I am working with some big guys here and if you are smaller, instead of pushing the hands down, you may have to push them up and this is where you have to abandon specific moves and just go with what is appropriate to you.

The one aspect I want you to pay particular attention to in this clip is movement and watch how I cut off the angles of the attacker as I move around. Also, look at how I deal with someone who is holding me and two others are approaching – I don’t want to focus on the non non immediate threat, only what may happen next and it is this anticipation that may save your life.

I want you to imagine that you are driving a Ferrari at 150 mph on a track that is in the country. Your level of concentration has to be extremely high and you are intensely focussed. Now can you be too focussed?

Imagine that you see an animal in the field as you are driving around the track and for a split second you look at it – you will probably crash!

What you have to do is develop this almost three dimensional peripheral vision and yes, you would notice the animal, but you wouldn’t look at it. I want you to feel the same when you are in a confrontation – notice what is around you but don’t look specifically at anything.

Movement is so important in everything I teach and especially important when dealing with multiple attackers so work hard in this area and work smart.

Dealing with aggression is easy if you know the rules and those rules are that for you the non aggressor are simple and are confined to one rule – don’t engage the attacker and by that I mean don’t try to fight aggression with aggression.

I say it always and will do again, you must try to stay relaxed and calm and of course I know it is difficult at the best of times let alone when faced with a threat and combat situation.

This is a good way of dealing with aggression!

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