How To Stop An Attacker with Ballistic Shock Striking

How To Stop An Attacker with Ballistic Shock Striking

We all would like to Stop An Attacker, which is why the purpose of a ballistic shock strike is to stop your attacker dead in his tracks, it is as simple as that and it causes a shockwave through the body and stops the attacker from continuing.

You will often hear people being told to punch ‘through’ the target and whilst it is a good thought, there are many cases when the punch becomes nothing more than a push and you find yourself back to square one, with your attacker coming straight back at you for round two!

What you are trying to do is to punch into the target of your attacker so that you almost ‘leave the punch in him’. In this way there is nothing he can do and often, they fall directly to the ground and are incapacitated, allowing you to escape.

Training for this type of strike is easy, but like everything else, requires hard work and practice, but it must be the right kind of practice.

I start by teaching people the right positions of the body to strike and this involves walking around a training partner, feeling the points around the body where for example, your fist will fit. One place that it does is on the solar plexus.

From here, we begin by using pushing drills and I don’t mean pushing with the whole body trying to get weight behind the shot, as that will come later.

What you do is to place your fist on the body part with the arm bent. What you try to do is to now simply extend your arm. If the part of the body is correct, the other party will move back in response to the push, as you would expect. You work this drill will your partner repeatedly and regularly and you will see two things:

• The correct parts of the body to hit
• How simple it is to move your partner back with a simple push

One further point here is to remain relaxed and maintain your body structure or form.

The final aspect is to now speed up the motion, still just extending the arm and try to explode your fist inside the body and not through it.

Finally, you can add body motion and you will see a dramatic increase of power, not that it is always necessary as usually, the arm punch alone will be enough!

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