Knife Defense Training, The Dangers of Knives with Val Riazanov Part 1

This video series will walk you through the basics of Knife Defense Training.

The problem: The Knife Defense Training you’ve been taught doesn’t work against REAL violence today because…

You ASSUME That Menacing Thug Waving His 6″Knife In Your Face Is ‘Fighting’ You… But… He’s NOT! He’s not ‘fighting’ you … he’s looking to dominate you… to get whatever he wants. And he’s got no problem snuffing out your life to get it because you mean nothing to him! He’s more ruthless than any generation of criminals before, and willing to use force and violence on a whim. Today he’ll kill for no reason at all.

The knife is one of the most deadliest weapons, its quite and anyone can obtain one.

I will walk you through the techniques and understanding of a knife attack and explain how to walk away with your life!

The Russian Spetsnaz are some of the best if not THE best in hand to hand combat, and that includes weapons training.

Who wants to get cut? The idea of a knife digging into your side is not a pleasant one. It’s no wonder that most knife defenses involve controlling the knife. But just how “dangerous” is the knife? Is it as dangerous as we have been lead to believe?

YES IT IS DANGEROUS! Val’s Knife Defense Training will teach you everything you need to know on how to survive a knife attack!

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