Knife Defense Training, The Dangers of Knives with Val Riazanov Part 3

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but fighting is stupid. And the very idea of “knife fighting” goes beyond stupid and lands in macho, moronic fantasy. And don’t even get me started on what I think about successfully “fighting” empty handed against a knifer. It is simple common sense that a knife is dangerous. Yet, every year thousands upon thousand of people go to seminars and schools and are taught both knife “fighting” and how to fight barehanded against a knife! And they *believe* this BS!

Our definition of “fighting” may not be the same as yours. We define it as: Standing there and attempting to contest on equal or near equal terms over a drawn out period of time. Now whether this means the advantage is yours or his depends on the situation, however, what is important is that the advantage is not overwhelming. This lack of significant advantage is what causes the contest to be drawn out over time.

If the advantage is overwhelming it isn’t going to be a fight, it is going to be a slaughter.

Watch this video from Val Riaznaov, and see how his Knife Defense Training dvd is a must have!

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