Learn How To Punch Harder with the Ballistic Strike from Val Riazanov

Learn How To Punch Harder with the Ballistic Strike from Val Riazanov

What I would like you to understand here is just how relaxed I am and ‘loose’ the striking motion is, but yet I am still maintaining form and structure. A relaxed muscle is a fast one and you only have to look at top class boxers to see how fluid they are when they fight – look up some footage of Roy Jones in training and you will see just how fast he was and how devastating his combinations are.

Now Roy Jones was one of the greatest fighters around in his day and a lot can be learned just by watching his style – he was definitely a Ballistic Striker!!!!

When you try these strikes, make sure you work up slowly and surely – by that I mean look for precision and copy the motion I make in the clip. Stay relaxed, but alert and remember that these guys in the clips weigh around 280 pounds and are conditioned MMA fighters, your partner may not be able to take heavy strikes so always be careful.

To get the feel of the strike, place your fist on the point you are going to strike and simply push your partner – do this by extending the elbow from a bent position and allow your fist to penetrate into the body of your partner. This is how you strike in the simplest of forms and as you progress, you can work on different angles and directions, all of which affect your partner in different ways.

There are no ’stances’ in my system and for the simple reason that you will not have time in real combat to be ‘ready’, so practice striking from all positions – standing, kneeling, laying on your back and when you are unable to move or generate leverage, such as being up against a wall.

Remember these strikes can be extremely dangerous and therefore you must be extremely careful. In the clip I am hitting body armor and I recommend you do the same – use the pushing drills for precision and use very light strikes if you do nat have armor.

Your target is the solar plexus and again, work very, very slowly and be careful not to hit the sternum or ribs as you can cause extreme injury.

You will definitely learn how to punch harder with Advanced Ballistic Strikes!

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