Punching drills you can do with your training partner!

This is one of the best overall combat drills ever s you learn not only how to react to strikes, but also to stay in front of your opponent during a confrontation and quickly deal with the threat. You goal here is to learn how to re-direct your opponents strikes while standing close to him/them. By staying closer, you will have more opportunities to defend yourself and neutralize the threat more quickly. When you practice, follow the rules and start slowly and you will be surprised as to how little a movement you need to make to re-direct.

Work on your partner throwing you some big punches (slowly) and having the confidence to stand there and make just a small move with the body and the re-directing hand and then create some distance and repeat. Finally, learn to deliver the counter as you move and re-direct.

This will definitely sharpen your reactions and striking skills as well as increasing your confidence.

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