Russian Martial Arts expert Val Riazanov shows us some striking techniques!

In this clip I am talking about a punch I believe is super effective.

This is sort of a sneaky underneath punch. People don’t typically see below the chest area.

When you are standing in front of someone, say like in a possible bar altercation. And that person is getting in your face and mouthing off. Instead of winding up, which is basically telling that person you are fixing to throw a punch, you can hit em where is hurts, under the radar. They will be filling extreme uncomforted before they know what hit em.

This is a great striking techniques for landing on the solar plexus and floating rib area. I have used this before many of times and it does work!

When you land a good strike, you will be leading the persons body for your next strike. They will basically hand you there chin on a shiny platter for you to strike.

Remember that the chest is almost useless to strike at, its s huge muscle and you will not be able to hurt the attacker.

My favorite striking places are the Chin, Throat, Solar Plexus and Floating Rib area. People always ask me about hitting in the groan area. This is not a good idea in my experience. In a fight there is so much adrenaline flowing that a strike to the groan area will not have an immediate effect on the attacker, therefor it is not beneficial for you to strike there. Also, it will just piss them off more!

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