Save yourself from being stabbed in the back…. With this simple move!

Here you can see one method to give yourself a chance from a knife attack that you cannot see, only feel and usually by then it is too late. I have used this particular defense in real life and luckily I survived. In my case, the subtle movement that you make when the knife is felt must go with the direction of the attack and not forward, as the attacker will simply follow you and of course you don’t want to go back into the knife for obvious reasons. I saved my kidney with this movement and although I was still stabbed, I was alive!

After you have moved, you will see that gaining control of the knife is the first priority and then the attacker – no fancy moves just the simple ones. Working with knives is extremely dangerous and you must work carefully and with safety in mind. Practice over and over SLOWLY – this is vital as it gives the brain a chance to load the movement pattern and that is how you will use it if you have to, from instinct and not thought.

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