The best way to train at home!

Step 1

Set up your training area, which should be a minimum of 200 square feet. Hang your punching bag in one corner. Clear the floor of all objects. If possible, lay down some mats or several layers of carpet remainders. Russian martial arts use lots of ground techniques, which can be hard on bare cement or tile.

Step 2

Find my training videos, Advanced Ballistic Strikes.

Step 3

Commit to learning new material two days per week. During each of your learning days, focus on one technique from my training video. Review it until you feel you can practice it correctly without looking back at the video. Learn one technique per week, introducing yourself to it on the first day and refining your understanding on day two.

Step 4

Write a detailed description of the technique in your training journal at the end of your learning session.

Step 5

Practice your martial arts three times per week. At each practice session, practice your newest technique 50 times in the air and 50 times on your punching bag. Also take time to review two or three techniques from previous weeks.

Step 6

Get feedback whenever possible. If you have a question, please contact me on facebook!

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