Val Riazanov Introduction for his Seminar in The Netherlands ….

The Ballistic Street Defense system is based on Val’s experience in competitive military combat sambo, judo, as a KGB operative and numerous experiences as a security consultant around the world.

VALS Advice:

– Spar once a week with gloves + head guard to keep sharp
– Train where you’re uncomfortable
– Train to fight someone bigger and stronger, then you must be smarter. Be smarter
– Train with people bigger and stronger
– Ask yourself really and truly, in reality will this work? what i am doing, will this really work in a real situation?
– Someone walks towards you, you move your feet up and down the same as them, to feel their rhythm of weight transfer, when they are nearly to you, you sweep one of their feet, as the weight is being transferred
– Same principle, now someone kicks and you make use of their weight transference

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