Val Seminar – The Palm Strike and Heart

World Renowned Russian Martial Arts Expert Val Riazanov answers questions about some of martial arts most famous moves. While the palm punch may look great in movies its effects are less dramatic in a real life situation. Val explains that a palm punch can be useful while in a situation were you opponent has a hold of you, a precise and powerful palm to the head may be able to free you from your attackers grip BUT the fighting with your palms is close to useless when fighting at arms length.

An essential elements of a street fight is your instincts, knowing in your heart what is right and wrong or the gut feeling you get when its time to stop and not go too far. The point of street defense is to protect yourself from an attack that may happen in real life, not to kill people. Your heart will never lie to you and so follow your instincts and gut feelings.

Learn how to turn your body into your last defensive weapon against a mugger, street fighter, or enemy. With in depth training from World Renowned Russian Martial Arts Expert Val Riazanov, you can turn a simple kick, punch, toss, or slide of the wrist into a life saving defense against any attacker.

  • Ballistic Kicks that will turn the tables on your attacker
  • Techniques that could save your life
  • The art of misguiding your opponents punches out of your direction
  • How to defend yourself against multiple attackers
  • How to cause your opponent to lose balance and regain power of the situation
  • Life saving stick defense technique
  • How to disarm an attacker
  • How to disarm your attacker with just your hands
  • How to escape a devastating choke hold

Discover the techniques that could save your life in real world situations from any opponent who is out for blood. Develop the skills and mind set to fend off an attack from multiple opponents by following slow motion breakdowns of essential techniques. Unlock the secrets to literally sweeping you opponent off their feet, with tried and tested real world application. Master techniques that will allow you to retrieve a weapon as well as take down your opponent. Learn how to defend yourself from any angle even when your back is turned to your attacker.

With “Ballistic Street Defense” you will learn everything you need to know to confidently defend yourself in any street situation. Learn the techniques that could potentially save your life against an attack and turn the tables of the fight.

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