VIDEO – How to punch properly, add this technique to any martial arts style!

How to punch properly, add this technique to any martial arts style!

What I am showing here is a simple application of a ballistic strike and how you perform the strike. Which will show you how to punch properly so you can add this technique to any martial arts style!

The strikes are delivered from a ‘relaxed hands’ position and that means they are down by your sides. Do not raise your hands in any defensive position and I know this sounds strange, as you naturally want to protect yourself.

Take a look at my Ballistic Street Defense video to learn ideas of movement, guiding your opponent’s punches away from you and counter punching.

The idea here is to quickly stop and shock your opponent with a relaxed, fast and heavy strike into the body. It works well against a ‘big right hand’ (or left for left handers) and also against a strike from the front hand, but you have to be very quick and then follow up with multiple strikes to stop the attacker and then get out of the situation.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Think of the strike as a ‘piston’ motion
  • Stay relaxed and do not tense up as you will reduce the speed and the effectiveness of the strike
  • Develop a ‘heavy’ feeling in your whole arm
  • Feel that you are accelerating the elbow straight into the target
  • Do not try to ‘punch through’ the target which is more likely to result in a push and the attackers coming straight back at you
  • The feeling is that the strike creates a ‘shock wave’ into the attacker, who is more likely to drop or move back a little so you can quickly follow up and finish
  • You can simply hit straight out in front of you, rotate your fist at impact for more effect and change the angles so for example, you could hit down or up into the body of your attacker

If you can find a partner to work with then do so, you must start slowly and relaxed and begin by pushing your partner on the points that you would strike. Work up the energy very carefully so as not to damage your partner, but light contact will help condition your partner to take as well as deliver strikes but WORK CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY AND ONLY TO THE ABILITY OF YOUR PARTNER TO WITHSTAND THE STRIKES.

Lastly, if you have some good quality body armor then start to increase the power but again, be careful. You can then work on different attacks and angles. If you have not got an opponent, use a punch bag, but make sure you visualize an attack and remember that a bag does not hit back!

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