What to do when someone tries and grab you with a “Bear Hug”!

We are dealing with the bear hug and this is a very common attack on the street as stronger attackers can literally immobilize their victims and quickly. The success of the attack depends on first, how strong your attacker is and secondly, if he can get a grip on you. The best defense against this, is to stop the attack before the grip can be put on. Here I am using my arms as a barrier and then landing a quick strike as the attacker moves in. Remember, your attacker will be fully committed to this attack and even if you get to stop him initially, he will keep moving and that is where your chance comes – be certain not to try to wind up the strike as he will see it and then change his attack. Your advantage is surprise, so use it. Slip in a direct strike to his jaw from your position and he will be taken by surprise and then MOVE and look around to make sure there are not more people about to attack you.

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