Where To Strike!

Remember it is your decision and not mine as it totally depends upon the situation, having said that, I give you many options on where to strike on the human body.

I would also like to stress that you cannot always try to be specific when striking points on the body because that in itself can cost you your own life potentially and I have personally seen people trying to be too ‘clever’ only to receive a beating.

The best approach to practice this is to work with your partner and practice precision until you can hit certain spots each and every time. Start with the major strike areas and then work to the more specific points. What I teach is easily incorporated into any art, not just mine provided you are prepared to work and practice.

Work on say two to three areas until you have mastered the points and do not try to learn everything at once – pay particular attention to the strikes to the arms as many people don’t even think about these points. Work these strikes every time you train as you can often stop an attack with these alone.

Finally, make sure you retain your posture and do not telegraph the defense or attack, work from a natural standing position, then from your knees and then from the ground as you don’t know where you will end up in combat and don’t forget to create your own combinations.

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