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Hey there, thanks so much for joining us. Really good to see you here! This is your ultimate guide to learning the real power behind Systema and Russian Martial Arts.

Val Riazanov’s site exists to give you an extensive education in the essentials of Systema, without charging you any money to learn the basics. Because this is a such comprehensive resource, we’ve created this page to keep you from getting lost or overwhelmed. The information is right here for you, at your fingertips when you need it and we are ready for you.

#1: Building your foundation

Every few days, in your email box for the next month, you’ll find a key lesson on improving your understanding of Systema, and how to apply specific techniques.

These are designed to build a step-by-step understanding of the bedrock foundation for every student.

When we looked closely at what helped us when we first started learning Systema and Russian Martial Arts, we found that success rested on four pillars:

  • A strong relationship with our teacher and the community of fellow students (your fellow students, and hopefully you as well, are the folks who will go on to become teachers themselves, and eventually masters in their own right)
  • Direct response copywriting (this is the art of converting attention into business)
  • Content marketing (a strong content marketing strategy will form the cornerstone of your marketing … which means it’s the life blood of your business)
  • High quality products (because the best way to become a “genius marketer” is to design and offer exactly the products that your customers want)

Each pillar enhances the others. Together, they’re much stronger than they would be if any of the pillars were missing.

(That’s not theory, by the way. Val has tested and proven these concepts by teaching thousands of people in Systema and Russian Martial Arts over the decades.)

So the first few months of My.Copyblogger will kick off with 20 core lessons on the nuts and bolts of what goes into creating your own remarkable, content-based “Copyblogger-style” marketing system.