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Advanced Ballistic Strikes Volume 1 - 5

The most sought after Russian Martial Arts Systema Instructional videos on the internet! Advanced Ballistic Striking!

Let me make one thing clear – combat is ugly, make no mistake about this and let me also tell you to forget about the glamorous television portrayal of dispatching assailants with flying kicks and lightning fast punches. Leave that for the entertainment elements in your life!

In the KGB we were taught many physical and psychological techniques – some of the most advanced in the world as the former Soviet Union invested huge amounts of money and resources for this purpose…but the majority of our learning was teaching us how to survive…in any situation and any environment.

We were taught to forget all notions of ‘winning’, only survival, because through survival comes opportunity and when you can survive, you can take advantage of opportunity. It is exactly the same in any combat situation.

Volume 1 - Advanced Ballistic Striking

Digital Download - 1 Hour 22 Minutes

Discover your ability to strike harder than you ever imagined by learning the secrets of Ballistic Striking. Survive any opponent’s attack with the authentic Systema training taught by Russian Master Val Riazanov.

Supercharge your skill with definitive Ballistic Striking techniques. Once you master the principal, you can apply the technique anywhere. Not only do you learn how to survive, you learn how to maintain an awareness of the situation as it happens.

Use your entire body as a weapon to destroy your opponent. Effectively stop them with a powerful Ballistic Strike, and gain the understanding you need to hide your techniques with stealth.

What I would like you to understand here is just how relaxed I am and ‘loose’ the striking motion is, but yet I am still maintaining form and structure. A relaxed muscle is a fast one and you only have to look at top class boxers to see how fluid they are when they fight – look up some footage of Roy Jones in training and you will see just how fast he was and how devastating his combinations are.

Volume 2 - More Advanced Ballistic Striking

Digital Download - 1 Hour 13 Minutes

Demoralize your opponents with techniques that destroy their will to fight. Stay alive and thrive on the ground if you find yourself pinned by an opponent.

Learn the leverage points to break your opponent’s hold and use them to your advantage. You will also be instructed on several methods of evasion. These methods teach you how to time the rhythm of your opponent and how to effectively counter their movements.

In Volume 2 you apply what you’ve learned to fight off several attackers at once and gain the confidence to deal with any situation you may encounter.

The strike areas depend on what situation you are in and I want to stress that if your life is in danger then you have to save your life so look carefully at the strike points that can cause fatal damage.

Volume 3 - Conclusion on Advanced Ballistic Striking

Digital Download - 51 Minutes

See for yourself how Val Riazanov moves like a cloud as he evades stunning attacks with simple, easy to learn movements.

These advanced techniques were only taught to elite members of the KGB. Now you have access to them by learning how to absorb the energy from any attack.

This is what made Systema training famous worldwide.

Close your opponent without fear of pain and demoralize their focus as you deflect, evade, and absorb everything they throw at you.

The truth is that most sport/traditional martial arts do little to prepare you for a real world violent confrontation in a timely manner. Reality demands practical, no nonsense solutions that can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Volume 4 - Dealing With Armed Opponents

Digital Download - 1 Hour 23 Minutes

Change the rules of combat and disarm any opponent that dares attack you with a weapon.

In Volume 4, you will gain the knowledge of how to make knives slip off of your skin without allowing an opponent the resistance to stab you.

See shotguns and handguns literally taken from an attacker or used as leverage to put them on the ground, and into submission.

Learning these amazing techniques teaches you how to eliminate fear. By fearlessly handling your attacker, you will survive a potentially deadly encounter.

More on knife self defense as well as a drill you can do with your training partner that will get your body and muscles ready to defend against a knife attack!

Volume 5 - Grappling Seminar

Digital Download - 53 Minutes

Install fear in your attacker with specialized relaxed tactics that made Russian Olympic wrestlers the most dominant in the world. There is no discernible rhythm an opponent can use against Systema grappling.

Apply the hidden grappling methods that make you unstoppable. In this live seminar Val Riazanov demonstrates the strategies you need to survive a take down and gain the advantage.

Definitive closing techniques literally put you on top and in control. Learn how to apply power like a Boa, crushing the strength and the will to fight from your opponent.

When your opponent has you pinned to the floor on you back and is mercilessly punching you from above. By staying calm and maintaining a relaxed body you can easily break away with some simple movements.

In this video Val will demonstrate how to escape one of the most vulnerable situations you can be in during a fight.

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