Real Self Defense based on Systema, Russian Martial Arts and Sambo

Val presents Real Self Defense that you can actually use!

You don’t need me to tell you that there is a world of difference between your martial arts studio, home and the street when it comes to defending yourself.

Preparing yourself to face the dangers of the streets is a difficult task to say the least and unless you are in my line of work, it is difficult to capture the create the reality of dealing with an attack that could threaten your life.

Make no mistake, the streets are vastly different from the dojo and I cannot create the emotional state that you will face, but what you will learnable just give you that edge over your attacker or multiple attackers.

Finally the street is not about winning or losing it is about survival and learning to get out of the situation as fast as possible and of course, alive.

So forget the all of the fancy techniques and moves and leave them to the movies as they have no place on the streets.

Stay safe and more importantly, alive!

Maybe you have been studying the martial arts for a while or have taken a couple of self defense classes. Or… perhaps you feel it’s time you better learn how to defend yourself in these perilous times. Have you ever wondered if you could really survive a brutal street attack?

real self defense that worksReal world self defense that you can effectively use on the street!

Learn how to turn your body into your last defensive weapon against a mugger, street fighter, or enemy. With in depth training from World Renowned Russian Martial Arts Expert Val Riazanov, you can turn a simple kick, punch, toss, or slide of the wrist into a life saving defense against any attacker.

Discover the techniques that could save your life in real world situations from any opponent who is out for blood. Develop the skills and mind set to fend off an attack from multiple opponents by following slow motion breakdowns of essential techniques. Unlock the secrets to literally sweeping you opponent off their feet, with tried and tested real world application. Master techniques that will allow you to retrieve a weapon as well as take down your opponent. Learn how to defend yourself from any angle even when your back is turned to your attacker.

With my instructional DVD’s you will learn everything you need to know to confidently defend yourself in any street situation. Learn the techniques that could potentially save your life against an attack and turn the tables of the fight.

If you want to learn self defense, don’t waste your time or money going to second rate schools. After all, this is your life we are talking about.

Our system of “self-offense” will absolutely give you the upper hand in a violent street altercation. You will develop cut-throat efficient striking that will viciously and immediately end any physical altercation. We will teach you how to fight in all positions, from standing to the ground.

When you aggressively learn self defense with my DVD’s, you will also develop explosive speed and power with precision and accuracy. No other system of martial arts compares to the mechanical advantages that Advanced Ballistic Striking and Ballistic Street Defense delivers. Don’t be fooled by other hand to hand combat or law enforcement defensive tactics systems. They simply don’t work.

So if you’re interested in learning how to fight-to-win using “Real World” brutal fighting techniques, you’re definitely in the right place.

That’s right. No matter how small you are… or your current skill level… you too can learn the world’s most dangerous “Fighting Skills” from the most respected combat experts around.

Here is a great clip, this clips shows a striking (punching) technique you can use to devastate any opponent!

Learn the most effective street defense system available anywhere, taught by ex russian kgb and russian special forces expert val riazanov!

Val Riazanov has taken all of his combined Real Life experience along with his extensive training and has produced Advanced Ballistic Striking and Ballistic Street Defense … And you get them BOTH with this amazing offer!


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