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Science of Ballistic Strikes ebook

The Science of Ballistic Strikes reveals the scientific method behind Systema, and why its punches are so deadly. To understand this awesome power, you must realize that Systema’s method of delivering offensive energy into an opponent’s body is based on real-life physics.

The Systema method of throwing punches was designed in particular for self defense, but it can be paired with any competitive martial art to increase the efficiency and power of your punches.

As you may have seen on Val’s YouTube channel, it’s hard for some people watching Systema videos to know how a Ballistic Strike can be so devastating to an attacker. By being open-minded, you allow yourself to see things from a new perspective. We invite you to go through the information presented in this eBook.

After you go through it, try out the four exercises which Val will teach you on a punching bag. See for yourself how Ballistic Striking is a simple and effective way to devastate an attacker, and drop him in a single punch.