Self Defense Course Part 1 – Ballistic Kicks

I am going to show you 2 videos here, the first, well just watch it and you will see what it wrong with it. These days people tend to spend SO MUCH TIME with belts, forms, bricks, boards and competition that they forget what its all about. Its not about winning a trophy or gaining a belt color. IT’S ABOUT SURVIVAL!

Kicking has advantages and disadvantages – the advantage is that you are using your ‘heavy artillery’; the disadvantage is that you will be temporarily on one leg.

As with all Ballistic striking, you have to follow certain rules and that means that your limb (leg in this case), must remain loose and relaxed and you need to feel a sense of heaviness.

This does not mean that you feel so loose that you have no structure of form, but the limb must be relaxed enough to be propelled in a ‘Ballistic fashion’.

As you can see in the video, the leg is not ‘chambered’ into any position, nor am I positioned in any stance. I simply propel the limb into the target and on the subject of targets, you can see I am kicking low, fast and sometimes to the joints if the target is available and this is extremely effective against bigger guys as you literally take away their ‘rooting’ to the ground.

Work the techniques slowly and practice as regular as possible. The leg is a very heavy object when it is relaxed and if you tense it, you will move a lot slower and you will loose serious power.

In the below video I am showing you where to kick and what to kick with. This is very important to watch so you make sure you do not break your toes!

This video shows the outright power of a Ballistic Kick, I promise you if you get down this technique, NO ONE will want to be in the receiving end!

Thats all for today! Next time I will be going over PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKES!

Val Riazanov