How to Punch ( Dynamics of Ballistic Striking )

Typically, when you are taught to punch, how to punch, you are taught to punch ‘through’ the target and to some extent this is true, as you don’t want to stop the energy before you hit the destination.

However, when you understand the principles of striking, you can learn to literally ‘dump’ the energy into the target at your will and to cause any number of effects, this is the correct way how to punch!

A Ballistic Strike should stop your opponent in his tracks – the energy should not propel him or her forward, but drop them on the spot. They should literally fall in a heap as the energy stays in the body and is not projected through as in most Martial Arts systems.

Also, you can learn to keep the energy in the body as you strike, to strike into specific parts of the body to cause specific effects and you can also learn how to instantly remove the effects of a strike to your training partners.

Try this drill:

You need a training partner and when you have found one, place your fist on the solar plexus of your partner. Now gently push, by extending the elbow of the pushing arm into the solar plexus of your training partner. Don’t push hard, or even try to put any effort into the motion, just extend the elbow. You will feel your fist sink deep into the spot (training partners, do not offer any resistance to this and just accept the pressure of the push to your comfort level); this is the feeling you will have when you have struck your partner correctly.

So now you say – “what if there is resistance”? Any resistance you will feel, will be the outer muscles of the abdomen and as the resistance are felt, just push deeper into the point – in other words, you must bypass the resistance of the outer layers of muscles and penetrate deeper. Your training partner will likely push his or hers abdomen out to stop the resistance and that is only natural. What you need to do is relax even more and absorb the push. In real time, your opponent will have no time to do this and you will penetrate deep into the target area.

The purpose of the exercise is to firstly, learn how to penetrate deep into the target area and secondly, how to deal with resistance.

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