MMA Legend Fedor Emelianenko’s throws some mean Ballistic Strikes !!!

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Incorporating Val Riazanov’s Ballistic Striking Method…

I chanced upon Val Riazanov’s Ballistic Strike (Systema) videos on youtube and it really shocked me. Can punches so relaxed and slow have so much power? Instead of brushing it off as bullshit like most people would, I asked myself, What if its true? The kind of power would have tremendous use in my fighting method. Imagine all my punches turning ballistic!

As such, I visited Val Riazanov’s website and found an Ebook titled “Science of Ballistic Strikes” for only $11.95 which was supposed to introduce some basic exercises so that we can get a feel of how ballistic strikes work. I bought the ebook through paypal and was able to download it instantly. What I got out of that simple eBook blew my mind away. There was no mysticism or “chi gung” or all that kind of esoteric stuff behind that kind of relaxed power but simple physics which anyone can master! The ebook taught me four exercises which allowed me to instantly understand and begin to feel how ballistic strikes work. The first exercise helped me feel the weight of my arms. The second exercise taught me how to tense only specific part of my arm and isolate the other parts. The third exercise helped me feel the difference in impact between a regular punch and a ballistic punch and the final exercise taught me how to deliver the relaxed power.

I practised all the exercises in the gym and to my amazement, I started throwing punches FASTER and MORE POWERFULLY without any effort! What impresses me most is Val Riazanov’s approach of helping any kind of fighter incorporate ballistic striking principles in their own style instead of trying to prove that Systema is the only way to go. I too found plenty of strikes from my own arts that I can now perform with ballistic striking principle for more effectiveness. I went on to downloading his paid instruction videos one by one and learning from them progressively. I was even more impressed when Val himself answered questions that arose from my training on Facebook right on the very day I asked it! Check out Val’s Facebook.

So, does all these work in MMA?


To my amazement, MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko’s crazily strong but relaxed looking punches are Systema ballistic strikes!!! That is how he so effortlessly knocks over his opponents with a single relaxed punch and why his “ground and pound” is named the most effective ever in MMA! Every single of his punches are ballistic strikes! You really need to feel it to know!

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