Russian Martial Arts Systema Pad Training with Val Riazanov

Pad practice is very important. Here we show you how you can practice with pads effectivly.

Here I am demonstrating how you should work the pads correctly. Now this will be very different from conventional pad work as you will notice that in the main, our hands are held down. In a street confrontation, you will rarely have time to raise your hands to defend yourself and if you do, then you are lucky. This is why we practice movement and avoidance of strikes rather than blocking as if you block, you will have only one hand free, as will your opponent of course. You want the advantage, so if you can move and keep both hands free, versus your opponents one, then you have that advantage. From here, you should work on delivering fast strikes – lead with speed and follow with power is the mantra. So in summary, balance, movement and precision are the keys!

When you start, begin with 1 strike. Then move into 2 and then 3 strike combos. Make sure you are moving around and try to always keep your balance. Remember, in a real street fight situation, balance will be off, but you need to learn how to keep your balance in order to loose your balance.

Watch the video and mimic how I am throwing punches, always keep your partner on his/her toes.

Make sure you incorporate the Ballistic Strikes in your systema pad training!

Happy Training!

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