Common Misconceptions about Systema …

The Russian martial art of Systema is relatively new in the Western vernacular. Commonly used by certain Russian special forces units, ifs actually a complex and highly individualized art.

This article takes a look at (and clarifies) some common misconceptions about the sport.

Common Misconceptions about Russian Systema
The Russian martial art of Systema, literally translated to the system, may seem likes relatively new term to Western self defense enthusiasts. And while it’s true that the contem porary version of Systema was only revealed to those beyond Russian borders afterl993, the heritage of this complex martial arts system can actually be traced back to the Bogatyr — Russian knights of the loth century. Systema training includes a variety of styles including grappling, knife fighting, sparring, hand-to-hand combat, and firearms The focus is on controlling the six body levers” (neck, elbows, waist, anHes, knees, and should ers) through a combination of the right use of weapons strikes, and pressure point applications Employed by some Russian Special Forces units (Spetsnaz), Systema is a complex and somewhat mysterious martial art.
That could be why there are so many misconceptions about the world of Systema. Here’s a look at some of the most common, along with clarification:
Systema is only for military personnel Many people researching Systema for the first time automatically assume that it has no place for civilians Put, sAlhile it was initially designed for the military and is still used by special units within Russia, there are definite benefits in its practices for everyone. As a sophisticated personal protection system and health program, Systema can be very successful sAlhen properly taught. Systema is a muddled hybrid of Asian martial arts Again, false. When

Systema was first officially created, it was done only after extensive research and experimentation of several of the most successful styles of martial arts across the globe. As such, in includes influences from styles found around the world — including Asia. The foundation of Systema, however, can be found in the Slavic cultural folk traditions. These defense Systema have origins that can be traced back to about goo AD.

Systema is closed to non -Russian practitioners Because it’s such a new martial art in the Western world, Systema has been the source of many myths. The fact that it’s less than inviting towards non -Russians — specifically non-Orthodox— practitioners is among the most popular of these. The troth is that people across the world, from all cultural backgrounds enjoy (and excel) at Systema. There is nothing inherent in the tenants of Systema that specify religous or cultural beliefs, although every instructor will most likely bring elements of their background and life expedence to their training program. All Systema training programs are created equally Perhaps more than any other martial art, Systema has numerous interpretations and lineages. Depending on what part of Russia a particular application of the sport descends from, the art can be more intuitive, hands on, scientific, or theoretical. Of course, this can make it difficult to find an instructor that suits your particular needs.

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