Knife Defense Training, The Dangers of Knives with Val Riazanov Part 2

Contrary to most knife programs, Vals Knife Defense Training address’ the realistic situations students are likely to face. The course introduces simple, effective movements that re easy to learn, court defensible and work well under stress.

If you think that knife attacks look anything like those typically seen in martial arts classes—you can be dead wrong.

Real attacks, by people who are familiar with a knife’s properties and true potential, are a blur of short, noncommitted stabs and cuts that are practically impossible to stop.

An attacker, with any idea of what he or she is doing, will overwhelm you with a hail of cuts that will start at the nearest body part and end in a vital target. Within a second you may lose your fingers, have severed tendons of your arms, and be finished with a stab to your eye, or throat, or trunk.

You should always be prepared for any kind of altercation! Here is part 2 of 3 of my Knife Defense Training post!

Here is a great quote on Knife “Fighting”:

“The only place where the knife fighting fantasy exists is in the martial arts. There is no such thing in the modern civilized world. In legal terms it is attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon or homicide. To the streetfighter it is assassination, not a “fight” at all. To the criminal it is a tool for robbery Everyone else considers it abhorrent macho stupidity.”

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