The Best Martial Arts Style

The Best Martial Arts Style

It is a question heard all of the time – what is The Best Martial Arts Style? Unfortunately there is no real answer as they all have something to offer.

So if we cannot define the term ‘best Martial Arts’ then how would you go about selecting one?

Well we have yet another difficult question but one of the first things you can do is to go and look at a variety of them and see which one suits you.

Some Martial Arts are very formal and may not suit you, others not so much, but you might like some discipline in your life, so they may be more suited to you. In any event an instructor should welcome your wish to look at what is being taught and if you come to me you are welcome to watch, participate or do a combination of both.

In my personal training, classes and seminars I get to see many Martial Artists and as I always tell them – I am not here to change what you do, only add to it if necessary. I repeat this over and over because some people think that I expect them to drop what they are doing and switch over to my system and nothing can be further from the truth.

I have always maintained that it is the person who is behind the art that is more important, rather than the art itself.

Years ago, while working on some of London’s toughest doors, I saw many fights by street fighters and tough individuals, many who would give an Martial Artist a very hard time and it is these people that you are more likely to face out there on the street.

When selecting a Martial Art, find out exactly what you are going to learn and whether for example, you will learn defense against weapons – it is vital to learn this because as I tell everyone, a knife does not care about your system, grade or ability and sadly in todays world, knife attacks are becoming more and more common.

So unfortunately it is not really possible to answer the question ‘what are the best Martial Arts’ for the reasons that I have stated, but whichever one you choose, make sure you work and practice hard, because at the end of the day, working hard is one of the most important keys to gaining the knowledge that you hopefully will never have to use.

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